Keizersgracht 16D, 5611GD Eindhoven, NL [email protected] +31 6 5202 8891
Research Software Engineer

About the job

At Ignition computing we specialize in high-performance computing and research software. Be it through building infrastructure for nuclear fusion research, reducing computation times through simulation acceleration or by building a platform for greenhouse optimization, we work with our clients to make the world a better and greener place.

As a developer at Ignition Computing you will provide programming and consulting services for commercial and research support purposes. You will get the chance to be involved at every step of the way in the development of software.

We mainly code in Python, C++, and Fortran. Our knowledgeable small team is all about sharing know-how and helping each other thrive. If you want to grow your skills as a developer, you’re the kind of person we’re after.

Ignition Computing is a startup in Eindhoven based on the Keizersgracht. Our culture is focussed on cooperation, growth and a healthy work-life balance. At Ignition Computing we believe in an informal environment where everyone is equal. We share our office with Afterservice, and share lunch and Friday afternoon drinks with them.

Some of the current running projects we have:

  • Preconnet, a tool to benchmark and accelerate physics simulations through optimizing solver configurations, initial guesses and preconditioning.
  • ITER, the world’s biggest nuclear fusion project where we have multiple running projects such as working on the underlying data structures for experimental data (IMASPy) and developing simulation codes.
  • Consulting for various Dutch tech companies such as Celsian and Plasma Matters.
  • Consulting for an American fusion start-up.


  • Work in close cooperation with customers and colleagues to design and build new software
  • Come up with new and creative ideas
  • Work out planning of projects and sprints
  • Build innovative software

What we ask of you

  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in software development
  • Familiarity with Git and CI/CD pipelines
  • Ability to work independently and propose new ideas within a team
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Willingness to learn
  • Familiarity with Python, C++ and Fortran would be a plus

What you get from us

  • Salary in the range of €2800 to €3500
  • Free all-you-can-eat lunch
  • Flexible Paid-Time-Off policy
  • Option to partially work from home
  • Lively work place in city centre of Eindhoven
  • Lots of opportunities to grow

To apply, send your job application, which includes CV and cover letter, to [email protected] before Monday June 17th.